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Those POS Ducati cdi boxes fail a LOT.If you are confident that the stator ohms good and the kill circuit isn't the problem its probably the cdi.
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It isn't uncommon for some meters to lose accuracy with very low resistance values. If you take the .4 OHM you mentioned with the leads touching and consider that to be "0", the the stator brown to yellow would be .4 OHM (.8 - .4 = .4). That indicates your stator resistance is a bit higher than it is supposed to be. However, I'd expect that if the stator was "shorted" internally, that resistance would be lower than spec. If it was "open", you would have no continuity. So, for now, I'd suggest some additional checks. Try both putting the stator in the freezer and re-checking and also warming the stator up with a heat gun or similar and re-checking. If it still checks out, I'd be inclined to go with the assumption that the stator isn't the problem. That leaves the CDI. I've seen those both fail after running the engine for a while or not putting out any spark until until they get warm. Had 1 600 that would run long enough to get about a mile away from home before dying. By the time you would hike back and get another sled to tow it back, it would start again. The other one didn't like to start when it was very cold outside. Recall putting that CDI under the heat vent in the truck for 10 minutes, putting it back on the sled and it ran all day as long as it never cooled off. Eventually, it did die completely, but it acted up randomly for half a season prior to that. Might want to put the stator back in and do the "hot" and "cold" check with the CDI to see if something changes. Do you know anyone who has a domestic twin of similar age you could borrow a CDI from to test?
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ohms test are terrible way of testing any electrical issue. if it's out of spec. it will be bad but things can test fine and still be bad.

you have a xc 500 not a xcsp 500 correct? because two very different ignition systems. the later being 3d ignition.

the two plug connector is the trigger coil. the three plug is exciter coil.

i have replaced just as many stators on these as C.D.I. boxes. so it would be to your benefit to find the faulty component. i keep good known C.D.I. boxes just for this reason. but you could have a stator problem causing a C.D.I. failure. so you need to make sure this isn't happening. make sure you have no continuity to ground on the wire's you shouldn't. if you do replace the stator.

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Anytime using an ohm meter to measure resistance of a coil your going to have some inaccuracies...coils are measured by impedance not resistance, so don't expect these resistance measurements to be dead on, they can vary slightly.
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