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Default 1994 Polaris Indy Lite * Electircal issue *

Headlight issue on 1994 Polaris Indy Lite. 340 engine. Odometer reads 7450 kms.

This machine had sat unused for a little over two years before I bought it. Upon initial startup before purchase the instrument/speedo lite up properly and the tail and brake lights worked properly. At this time the headlight was out on one position of the headlight switch but the headlight was on at about the correct brightness on the other position of the headlight switch.
Took the machine home and stripped off the seat, fuel tank, airbox, and carbs. Drained the fuel tank and poured in a 50:1 Premium fuel mixture using Shell Advance Snow Ultra synthetic oil. Inspected and cleaned the airbox and the carbs. Replaced all fuel lines from the fuel tank thru to the fuel pump and carbs. Put oil in the oil resrevoir. Reinstalled both the fuel tank and the seat. I bleed the oil pump upon first start up. The engine starts well, runs Well. Idles well, and accelerates well around the back yard.

Ok, now you know what I Did. Here is the situation.
First run out of the back yard was up a steep hill at night. The headlight was on at a good brightness. Part way up the hill (at higher rpm) the light went out and there was immediate darkness. Turned around back down the hill. At level ground I tried both positions of the headlight switch, both were no headlight at all.The next day I changed the headlight with a 55/60 watt 12 volt bulb. Again at higher rpm both filaments burn out quickly.
Parked the machine and checked under the hood the next morning. I found what looks like a ballast resistor on the bar on the right side of the engine in front of the brake. This may be for the handle grip heaters. Down below that apparent ballast resistor there is a small black box with a yellow wire coming out of it. I believe that this black box is the regulator. Not sure if the headlight going out was a coincidence or a symptom of an electrical issue. Did notice a few grounds (near the regulator) that from the outside do not look like good connections. Aside from cleaning the grounds and mounting surfaces well, what else might I look for in this situation ?
Is there a regulator issue with these sleds?
Does the headlight switch go bad/cause issues?
If I need a new regulator is there a Polaris or OEM version that is better quality?
Should I use a headlight bulb with a 60/55 watt 12 volt rating or will the machine power a headlight with a Xeon white 110/85 watt 12 volt rating?
I have a voltmeter, what should I read at the headlight bulb (with a properly working regulator) at low, mid and high rpm?
many thanks.
Is there a site that can provide an electrical wiring diagram?
Yes, a lot of questions. : -)
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Bad voltage regulator or bad chassis ground where the regulator mounts.
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You can use this as a wiring diagram. It is for a 99 but they did not change the indy lite much electrically so it should be close to what you have. http://cdn.polarisindustries.com/pol...9914669r02.pdf
The regulator is definitely a weak spot in the electrical system. You should read around 12 volts AC when idling and no higher than 15 VAC when revs are higher. I have heard that the Arctic Cat regulator is better but not sure if that is true. Royal distributing in Ontario have regulators. Polaris reg is 01-154-21 and the Arctic Cat one is 01-154-27. 2017 Winter CatalogueYou would just have to ground the black lead on the Arctic Cat one if you chose to try it.
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Default 1994 Polaris Indy Lite * Electrical issue *

The voltage is pretty high above idle, 20 plus volts.
There is only a Ski Doo dealer in my town. I am headed out this weekend and will come back with a voltage regulator from whatever stock there is available on my trip.
Thanks for the direction and schematic also.
Will post back when Regulator is installed.
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Default 1994 polaris Indy Lite *Electrical Issue*

I did pick up a SPI Regulator 01-154-21.
Installed the regulator this evening. 25 Torx bit
on a long extension and the fasteners came out easy.
Cleaned all surfaces and the ground connector. Put all back together. Replaced the headlight and since it is an amazing -2 C this evening I just had to head out and test. Straight up that same hill and YES the headlight held for the whole one hour ride. Both in Bright and normal switch settings.
Thanks for the advice.
Now I can do some Night riding.
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