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IIRC that airbox is riveted on. If you ruin it, there is no way to get one from Polaris anymore. It is a dumb way to put an airbox on. When i had that sled i wondered the same thing. Possibly remove the gas tank and see if you can get in from that way.

you are better off starting a new thread in the polaris xc section as you will get a lot more help
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Unless the previous owner got the length wrong also on bolt it should not bottom out. So the few I’ve had to extract came out east with a reverse drill bit. Sun them right out. If it’s mocktite holding it maybe a lil heat to soften it up.
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Originally Posted by kab365gtb4 View Post
I have a 2001 POLARIS 800 xc sp, what's the best way to remove the darn AIRBOX,to replace the secondary jack shaft,i having some difficultly in this matter man! there a EASY way to remove brake disc,& jackshaft, ...i have the chaincase opened up the disc brake top end apart,secondary clutch off,because the guy before me had a #3 or #5 grade bolt installed(and i snapped it torqueing it at 15 lbs.). .... Any tips greatly honored.
No need to remove anything.
If end of bolt is near end of jackshaft, just saw or cut a slot into end of jackshaft and broken bolt. Then use a screwdriver (or hammer driver) to unscrew it. Slot in end of jackshaft doesn't hurt anything and will be there for the next bolt you break off. BTW, there is very little need for a strong bolt in that location if you properly float the secondary. Too simple.
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2002 Polaris xcsp Edge:

Needed: ignition switch and key. This switch has a key position that lets you choose Premium if using that fuel.

Muffler/can for 800. Pipe from SLP is way too loud once you blow out the plastic stuffing.
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I have a muffler can(mbrp trail) , y pipe and a stock pipe if you needed it. Sounds nice only hase 50 miles on can bought in january
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2002 Edge 800 xcsp:

1. Does the "Premium" ignition key position give you a significant/measurable performance boost?

2. How can I test this ignition setting on my machine?
3. How can I test the temperature sensor on the top of the engine?
4. Can I use this to hook it up to a temperature gauge?
4. Is there a Polaris temp gauge I can order?

5. Are the exhaust cans interchangeable between 600/700/800s? Or what is part # of 800 can?

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