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Default Possible upgrade, opinions needed..

Hello everybody!
I'm looking at upgrading from my 2004 xc 800 to a 2010 136" switchback 600.
This switchback is MINT with only 591 original miles and has really sparked my interest. Before I make any decisions, I was hoping to get some opinions, good or bad on this sled.
I love my XC but I have a 7 yr old that travels with me and it's getting hard for her to sit in the front with her getting so tall. I figure a 6 yr upgrade wouldn't hurt, mileage is very low for the yr, and with the 136 it would be a lot better to add a seat jack too for 2 up riding.
Thoughts?...And go.
Thx in advance!
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upgrade! you will wonder why you waited so long
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Doo it!
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Well, I have roughly both sleds. I have a 04' XC800 that I bought new and my son has a 09' Shift 600CFI2 136". The 136" will ride like night and day compared to the XC and I mean for the better.....way better. Believe it or not, my sons 600 will hang right next to the 800 up to 60 mph then I pull away after that. I do have his geared down though for some strong low end grunt. I also put on gas shock all the way around, which yours should already have. Do it.....you wont regret it. Check out how the 136" runs below.....


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The 2010 is a great sled. A guy in my group has the same sled and it is a very nice ride compared to the edge. It steers pretty easy and is damn quick.
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Switchback 600 is an awesome sled! Very smooth, reliable, and fast! Rides awesome on & off trail... great sled. If I was you I'd go for it! I sold mine to get into racing, but I definitely miss it!

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