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Default Planning a trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming

I am planning on hauling my sleds out tomjackaon hole and I am looking for recommendations on where to stay and where to ride. This will be our first trip out west and looking to mainly trail ride and sight seeing, nothing too crazy. any input would be appreciated

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Togwotee Mountain Lodge is the place to go.
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X2 Togwotee
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if your taking your own sleds and only really want to rail ride, West Yellowstone area might be a better place for a first time out that way, WAY more things to do, places to get to, loops to see all sorts of things and the like's
when you planning to go, and where you leaving from>
I been kicking the idea of going back again
I however have been looking more at flying out and renting, as darn airfare has been so cheap (350 bucks round trip) and a week stay and ride(free tank of fuel each day) is about $1500
way cheaper than me driving out and can upgrade sleds as I want, either trail sled or off trail then, as its a LOT of fun off trail and there are MILLION of acres to play in out there
Togwotee, is a more OFF trail location, YES there are trails, but its NOT the same as West Yellowstone area(been to both)
west yellowstone carters to traiul riders way more and tog, catrers to off trail riders mroe (lava lake, brooks lodge are all nice places too, but again, more off trail and less places things to trail ride too, there basically places to stay and trails lead to OFF trail riding!)
IF there still open, The Line Shack is a great place to stay too, in between Togwotee, and say Pinedale, you can get a bunch of seat time running around this area, but think earlier in the season there was a washout on trails blocking grooming to Pinedale
in {Pinedale Green river guest ranch had nice clean cabins and a place to eat and fuel up, as did ELk View Lodge, sold and is now under a different name, Kendal valley lodge
Kendall Valley Lodge
very nice cabins there and right on trails, that lead to Togwotee, about 50 miles one way and not much in between, but gorgeous scenery!
its way lesser known area IMO< not as steep off trail but tons of off trail play areas!
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we trailered to Togwotee.... 23hr drive from detroit but omg was it worth it!!!
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