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Originally Posted by IfallsSledder View Post
Looking at modular helmets with electric shield. Found 2 models and looking for opinions & recommendation.

CKX Tranz 1.5. Or. HJC IS Max 2

Thanks for the input.
I have been using an HJC modular for a couple of years. Had to add foam around ears. Still very noisy. Started wearing ear plugs. In -30c temps always got a breeze in my eyes. Just bought CKX Tranz 1.5 AMS. It has the same air management system as the new CKX Mission. No one seems to have the Mission in stock in Canada. I sure hope it works well. Over $400.00 Canadian. Will update one I can ride. Lake just froze last night.
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I know it isn't on your list, but i found a used BVS2 for a fraction of new. I bought it. Best sledding decision i have ever made. it can be -25 riding 90mph and it feels like you are sitting in a truck doing the drive. So warm. great visibility and insanely quiet.

Some may think it's a little heavy, it can also be too warm when it gets above 25dgrs or so. I have close to 20,000 miles on it. It's getting a little wore out. The price is keeping me from buying another. I sure do like it though.
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I have the CKX Flex modular with heated shield and sun visor. I've never had the sun visor fog or collect condensation. I wear Rx glasses so it helps a little to keep the shield cracked open at slower speeds to clear up fogging on my glasses. I wear a NoFog face mask and that helps a lot. I would love to try a BVS2 helmet, but the cost is just too much. The CKX is good helmet.
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I have the HJC IS max 2 and I don't recommend it. Very drafty and cold, but heated shield works great. I have to wear a klim arctic balaclava under it and on the cold days a helmet skirt. When I start looking for a new one, the ski doo helmets will get a long look, don't care if its expensive, it needs to be comfortable and warm as its on my head all day and I'll have it for several years.
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I had good luck with my FXR Fuel Black Ops helmet, but have since switched to a 509 Altitude with a ProVue lens to alleviate my eyesight issues. No fun wearing glasses under a helmet, no matter how good the helmet is.
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