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Default Ricks Race Trail Sled Pump Gas Shoot Out - Jan 7th 2017

The Ricks Race Pump Gas Trail Sled is back ounce again this year at Mancelona Motor-Plex.

See more info below. If you need additional info contact Zach Godden 231-564-2801

"Rick Race" Pump Gas Trail Sled Shoot Out

In Honor of Rick Godden. Father of Josh & Zach Godden

Mancelona MotorPlex - Mancelona, Mi

January 7th 2017
Registration/Tech 1pm till 3pm
Trail Ride starts at 3:30pm
Racing to start at 5:30pm
Cost- $80.00 Per sled/driver
Gate fee $5.00- ten and under free

ALL DRIVERS MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE TO COMPETE! The person who rides the sled during the ride is also the person who will be racing the sled.

Sled must show up to tech next to empty on fuel. Fuel will be purchased at the beginning of the trail ride from a local filling station across the street. All sleds must put in a min of 7 to 8gals of fuel. Max of 93 octane fuel allowed. If sled shows up with to much fuel it will be pumped out. New fuel will be purchased the day of the race during the trail ride.

All sleds will have to go on the trail ride in one pack. All sleds must complete the trail ride to race. All sleds must conform to all trail regulations. If a sled is ticketed during the ride it will be disqualified. No repairs to sleds allowed once the trail ride begins. There will be spotters in the pack during the ride. Once sleds return to the track they must stage in the designated location. Any sled returning to their trailer after the ride will be disqualified.

Double Elimination Racing - After the heat is ran the sleds must report back to the starting line staging area- Only after a sled is beat for the second time will it be allowed back to the trailer. We will be running these sleds to establish a top 10 list of the fastest pump gas trail sleds.
After the TOP TEN is determined the CALL OUT RACING WILL BEGIN
If you and your sled will be running after the Top Ten is determined for the Call Out Racing You will not be allowed to return the sled to your trailer after your second lost

No cool down carts allowed - OEM Suspension Ride Height - Aftermarket Exhaust Allowed - All exhaust must have a muffler. No S traight Pipes / Stinger Pipes”.

Turbos allowed / Super Charger / Nitrous Allowed - Only (1) power adder allowed per sled. Either Turbo or Super Charger or Nitrous ( NO Combination of both )

Must run OEM Trail Studs - Sled must have a working Head Light/Stop Tail Light
No Meth - No Stutter - No Two Step - No Octane Booster - No Chisels/Picks

If a sled jumps the start it will be re-lined up one sled length back and heat will be reran. Sleds second jump will be disqualified. ""ALL JUMP STARTS & FINISH LINES CALLS WILL BE BY THE TRACK OFFICIALS "ONLY"- NO ONE ELSE"" ALL CALLS ARE FINAL
If a sled crosses or enters the other sleds lane it will be disqualified

All sleds must report to the starting line with in 2min's from when they are called. If the sled doesn't report the other sled will get a BY RUN.

This is intended to be a fun event and hopefully something we can carry over to next season.

Mancelona MotorPlex - Mancelona, MI

Valley Rd east off US 131
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Rules look good. Should be a good day.
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TTT. Rules if you need them
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Hey Kevin,
How was the turnout for this event? Prior engagement kept me away. Who was fast and who wasn't???
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