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Originally Posted by smasher8383 View Post
crossed it on sat around 4ish.a few tracks so i went for it.saw cones by the bridge piler.

I saw tracks going across sat, but I wasn't about to chance it..
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From everything I've seen, the report of someone going thru is bogus.
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There is a hole by the bridge. Just drove by tonight . There is a channel in the reservoir and the ice stays thin there,plus they change water level alot which loosens ice. Come on guys let it get a little colder,perhaps even wait for winter to start!!lol
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I don't understand what people are thinkng going on the ICE.......We have had a few really cold days....DUMB!!!!! USE YOUR HEAD!!!!

Three people in my area have drowned in the last two weeks. Two of the guys were on 2 inch thick ICE....Well im sure all three....If I was ICE fishing and drilled through 2 inches of ICE....I would get the hell off the ICE!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!!!!
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I agree Dan
"I'd rather be boating"
09-14 800 mxz tnt/x wanted
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