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Default Sled title

I am thinking of buying sled from New York and live in PA. Was told all I needed was a signed owners card. No sled titles in New York? Any help would be appreciated . THANKS
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Look up PAs laws on what's required to register. Doesn't really matter where the sled is from.

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I have bought a few sleds from NY
the state of NY has an official form that a seller can use to sell the sled, and act as bill of sale, it will contain all needed info to be filled out
names of both parties, sled, Vin, price, address of both buyer/seller and so on

NOW< heads up if you PLAN to also use sled in NY
as of 2018 NY changed the rules on registering a sled in NY<for a NON resident of NY,
so if you resided in PA< and wish to also register lic sled in NY< you CANNOT use the online service, for what ever reason in 2018 they change the rules and NOW require you to go to a NY DMV in person to fill out paperwork!
so heads up, if planning any trips to NY, that you will NOT be able to use the online system as in the past
I found this out personally , did online format in 2017 when I bought a sled in NY and went thru just fine, then tried again in 2018 after buying another sled(that was previously registered in NY) and couldnl;t use online system to do so, double checked with calling NY DMV and asked again at DMV in NY when I went there to do so and was told it was NEW for 2018

just an added step in things , but a heads up for you so you know in advance
I got lucky as had trip planned and just stopped in on way up in AM< and only took like 2 HOURS of waiting in line for 10 minutes of paperwork or less?
so plan waiting time if you go to a DMV too!
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I bought one from Michigan last year (used) and I think the lady at the dmv in Binghamton told me they are just like Michigan where your current registration card doubles as an owner transfer card. The seller signs the appropriate line and hands it and the sled over and you just take that to your local notary and they will have a PA title issued and mailed to you.
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