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Default 3 days , 3 different directions, all good

Arrived at the Derby Line Village Inn 8 pm Thursday. Enjoyed a visit and a drink with Fritz and Paula the proprietors. The 5 rooms are full, and they have been full for reservations on valentines day for a week. Patty and I love this place, unbelievable food and hospitality. We usually stay with them once a year the weekend of the Derby Driftdusters fundraiser .

Our 2016 Ski Doo Grand Touring 1200 needs a small repair, so Fri am I call Walt's sales and service and they say bring it down. I gear up and zip down there(below 0) and they fix me up pronto. Great dealership thanks guys.

Back to the inn , Patty gears up and we decide to head West to Jay. It is probably 0 degrees by then, but don't think it made 5 for the whole day.Bright sun all day, no wind. Off we go, sunoco for gas, river trail, them across the long crossing on Memphremagog. trail goes to the lake slightly south of where we have gone on forever. Slightly rough going across the lake, to be expected. Hit the west shore and Jay here we come. What views, and not a bump anywhere. We get to the Jay Village inn, and I am surprised that there are only 3 sleds in the lot. It is Friday, but expected more. Think the cold may have kept some home, who knows. Since we had a large gourmet breakfast at the Derby Line Village Inn, we get just soup at Jay for lunch, great soup and service and it gets us warmed up, which we really need. Head back to Derby and we stay a little south, then head north slightly planning on crossing the lake the longway again. We end up coming onto the lake at the middle entry, lots of fishing shacks and a few trucks out on the lake. Did not want to end up there, so we back track to find out that the trail is closed at OS22 that would send you up to the long crossing. We go south and cross the shortest crossing over to Prouty beach and follow the trail past the High School. Back to the Inn around 5, they are jamming (Valentines Day), no better place to take your sweetheart for dinner, and they are busy busy busy. We sat down for dinner and find our sledding friends Danny and Brian are at the bar and a little later sledding and camping friends Ralph and Lisa show up and we all get to visit.

Saturday starts cold(-20) , but warms up quick to a high of 20 above for the day. Another Blue sky day. After breakfast we head South to the Gap restaurant on Willoughby. Perfect sledding, still have not hit a bump. We go down 14(some great views on 14) by Al's and stop for a minute at the north side of the lake. That is one of the most beautiful spots in VT. Lots of things on the ice, fishing, atvs ,sleds, did not see a truck though. I have been down that lake on a sled, but no more. That is one lake I do not trust the ice on.Up the short trip to the restaurant, 30 sleds in the lot. Soup again, and the Beef Mushroom is excellent. No idea why, but they only have 1 waiter working the dining area . Great guy, he said he was trying to get some one in to help him. Our service was good, but we only had soup. Checkout their "Ride to the Gap" hoodies with the sled on them, we bought a couple. Back on the trail up 5 , 5/58 , 5 by Lake Salem and back to the Inn. Change clothes and we are off to a friends for snacks before the Driftdusters fundraiser at Paul's Sugarhouse . As usual a great event with a very good family style meal. A nice young man won the sled and we won the 50/50. Before we leave a group of us decide to meet Sunday morning 9:30 at the Warming hut to go for a ride.

Sunday dawned cloudy , but in the teens. We meet at the warming hut and the 9 of us head East. 1st stop is a friends under construction home that has a view over lake Seymour that is breathtaking, even on a cloudy day. Then we head across 105 into Norton and down the powerline,,,, finally found some bumps, not bad at all and to be expected, didn't last long. We cut over to IP thru the campground for added fun and to the Essex house for lunch. Great lunch as usual, then back toward Derby via "Bad Bob's " (trail 2001) to the warming hut and we say our goodbyes and head for the Inn to load up. 90 miles Sunday, 225 plus for the weekend and probably the best 3 days in a row ever for Patty and I riding . Thanks to all the clubs and volunteers for making it all possible.
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Great write up, and its good to see that great moments can be had both on the sled and off!
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Default , 3 different directions, all good

Nice post Dave, I moved to bluffton SC , so removed from sledding, but living through the posts on hardcore.
Gotta say that being 10 miles from Hilton Head is especially nice in the winter . Always remember the good times at the Essex and Derby, that turkey dinner was always killer at the sugar house.
Team Houdini

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