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Something to consider which impacted my vote - C has always been considered average. I'd hate to think of this past season as average. I'd like to think it is below average so we have more better winters ahead then more like this.
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gotta say 350 miles not the best at all, and not happy , imho i give f , mother nature gives us a blast , and takes it right away, i rode my wheeler way more this winter , glad i had that ,maybe next year will be ok ,due to all the 850 buys i have seen piling up; gotta say new 850 looks sweet,
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Yeah, the winters of riding out your door season long are gone as of late

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I've give it a C-. No consistent base... Rain... Rain.. Warm temps in Feb. The first week of March I'd have rated the season as an F. We got lucky just like last year with a couple mid March storms to close it out with riding in most places.
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If you ride exclusively in the NEK, maybe a B-

If you ride the rest of the state C- to a D

It would've been much much worse if we did not have that very cold weather for 2 or 3 weeks early in the season. That made some areas hold their snow base and stay more solid once the warmups stopped.

It is always a roller coaster , some years worse than others, I still will buy the ticket and enjoy the ride.

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Originally Posted by mreaves68 View Post
Over on the weather board that I frequent, a lot of us like to grade winter. Over there different people like different things. Some like big storms and don't care if it all melts the next day while there are some of us who like snow retention and depth. I myself am in that category.

This winter, I would give a C, maybe a C+. There was good cold weather to start and decent snow but that February melt down was horrific and really put a dent in the overall grade. The strong comeback in March brought the grade back up a notch or two. How would others grade the winter of 2017-18?
Funny... was thinking the same thing the other day. I had the same grade as you.

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I give it a P

P for POOP
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Thanks for all the replies. The grading criteria is obviously subjective and varies from place to place. I gave it a C but I rode more miles this year than I have in a long time but that was more due to a family decision to concentrate on snowmobiling as our form of entertainment and then buying new(to us) sleds and an enclosed trailer. This allowed me to extend the season a bit and venture to new places. As 1/4 miledave said, it's always a roller coaster but I decided to buy the ticket and have been relatively happy with the decision.
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Originally Posted by Michigan Brian View Post
I give it a P

P for POOP
Very good Brian - Funny.
As for Vt , the season had three segments.
A good start but cold, then rain and some days in the 60's and finally a couple of very good weeks of snow.
A three-part season ::: C+ , then D- , and finally A- .
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I'm not done yet....

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