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Default VT or ME?

If you could easily get to VT or ME via trails which extra state would you register in and why?
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Both and Quebec New Brunswick grand slam

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Originally Posted by MarkEKberg View Post
If you could easily get to VT or ME via trails which extra state would you register in and why?
I ride both. Vt is 2.5 hrs but not nearly is wide and vast as maine which is 5.5. Register in Maine and use that reg to get your vast pass.

Maine is epic. 300 plus mile days easy. 150 in VT feels like 250. Its more narrow and more twist and turns plus a speed limit. Happy trails wont be long!

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The only speed limit in VT is on state or privately posted land. Other than that there is no speed limit, you only have to be in control of your sled. N.H. is 45mph statewide.
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I register and ride both in Maine and VT. Maine is much less expensive to register as an out of stater. Both states are great to ride in. VT has more consistent grooming and the best trail signage by far. Maine is inconsistent club by club. Some are great and some are just awful.

What area of Maine would you be riding to by trail from NH?
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Without question MAINE.

Mainers seem to treat sledders better, overall. We're going on three decades of riding in VT and ME. There are some exceptions (IP) but I've encountered some in VT that are just plain snotty.

Nothing worse than stopping to fill up your machine with fuel ($40 min x 2 sleds) buy lunch (another $40 or so) and picking up "supplies" (food, spirits) and having some woman give you "side eye".
Jesus I hate that.

In Maine it seems folks just appreciate our patronage more.
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I’ll start off by saying I’ve never rode in Vermont but I do ride in Maine. Maine is not even comparable to NH and I’m sure VT as well. Trails are wider, faster, less crowded, no speed limit, off trail legal in areas, good snow in a lot more area in Maine than NH or VT. If it is a money issue Maine is the biggest steal at $100 to ride in Maine, VT is close to $200 or more. You need to take a safety course to ride in VT if born after 1983. May not be issue for you but even if your in your 30s you have to take it. The only problem your going to have is you will start riding into Maine from NH then eventually you will just end up trailing to Maine every weekend forgetting all about NH. So yup I would and have chosen Maine.
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I don't want to take anything away from VT and the great system they have going on there, but it's not in the same ballpark as Maine.

Keep in mind, just like VT and NH, you have got two Maines... In VT you have the Northeast Kingdom and then everywhere else. In NH you have Pittsburg and everywhere else. In Maine you have Aroostock County and everywhere else, but the thing is, the County is not far away from the size of the entire State of VT.

That being said, the riding I've done in VT, I have been very impressed with. They groom impeccably and the signage is great. Law Enforcement is not anywhere near what we deal with here in NH, the views are amazing, and its every bit worth the experience.
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Need to clarify that $ 200 to reg in VT. That's ONLY if you register and get a Vast trail pass. VT honors out of state registrations so you only need the trail pass at $ 108?? per sled if you are already registered elsewhere.
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Are you leaving from NH and coming back the same day on sleds or trailering into the state and staying for a few days? I reg in all 3 but it depends on your circumstances. It's 45 minutes to both the VT and Maine borders from my house on the sleds leaving out of the garage. 90% of the time we head straight to Vermont. Once I cross into Vermont it's awesome right away every time without fail and there are so many awesome trails through the NEK without us having to stay the night somewhere or trailer anywhere.

Crossing into Maine is just ok from NH. In my opinion, the good stuff in Maine isn't anywhere near the NH border. If we are doing a day ride and coming back to NH there isn't any epic trails close enough to warrant us doing it very often. We usually ride across and stay at my brother n laws house in Maine. The grooming is hit or miss so unless I planned to trailer hours into Maine and spend days at a time I would choose Vermont without question for my situation. Luckily, I don't have to choose one or the other.

I just bought both registrations and here is what I paid. I'm registered in NH as a resident.

VT Vast Out of State Reg Early Bird - $175
Maine Out of State - $100
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