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Originally Posted by kaldog View Post
Thanks 900turbo. Is Canada Road Posted?
Canada Rd is actually groomed. They are going up it then crossing the river and going up Wiggle Brook Rd, Big Canyon, to Camp 14 Rd. That is where ITS 84 comes into it.
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TY, 900turbo, Heading up this afternoon, can't wait to check it all out.
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Originally Posted by whbrittain View Post
You guys are all overlooking one really important item. In the state of Maine it is illegal to snowmobile on a plowed road unless there is a sign giving permission to snowmobile. It is that simple. That also means that if you park on a plowed road that is not open to snowmobiling you cannot ride your sled on that road. Blocking the road is just plain stupidity.

While I am ranting I also want to bitch about the long track/big paddle sleds that nail it every chance they get and just tear up the trails. I sat in the woods last weekend just off of the Groomer Barn Trail in Rangeley and watched at least a dozen off trail sleds just ripping up the trail in under an hour. But the cigar I smoked while this was going on was great! I live close enough to that trail that I can hear them pinning their throttles on every bump. BTW I ride a 2019 Backcountry 850 but I keep it down on groomed trails and save the fun stuff for when I am off trail.
The topic of who ruins the trails the fastest has been debated so many times. As I make my statement keep in mind I'm only pointing out my own observation and I'm not trying to defend the long track guys.

I've owned 120's and also 155's. I currently ride a 144". Guys that wreck trails spinning come from all the different models of sleds. It's where you throttle hard. I sometimes ride in a pack of sleds with differing size tracks and paddles. What I've seen is the smaller paddle shorter tracks spin much harder to get up hills fish tailing all the way. A simple way to understand this is smaller tracks with smaller paddles spin more to get traction. "YES" a long track 155 guy that's throttling hard just for the sake of tearing shit up of course will tear shit up. Nobody has to ride this way. We can all be conscious of keeping trails in better condition by thinking about the trail when we grab a handful of throttle. Doesn't really matter what size track you have in my opinion. One of the guys I ride with used to have a short track 120 with a 1.25" paddle and I can say that on the steep hills his sled would do much more damage than us guys with mid sized tracks and slightly taller lugged tracks. I've also found that when riding the shorties it becomes easy to develop a riding style where you can blow the tighter corners sideways when riding aggressively. The longer the track the harder this riding style becomes to ride this way.

It's the throttle jockeys that tear shit up and not so much the type of sled they're riding. Most riders could be more couscous of where they use the heavy thumb action. As I've gotten older I've taken better care of the trails with my riding style. When I was younger I have to admit the trail was my playground and I'd often rip the shit out of them.

What was this thread about?
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