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I was thinking if every time you paid for gas, food tab at restaurant or hotel rooms in a snowmobile dominated town that you could be given the option to donate like rite aid, Walgreens and others ask to donate to charity when they ring you up. If you ask while people already have there wallet out it might make it easier to get the funds.
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I am all for a reg. increase as long as it goes to the funding of the trail grant. Nothing else. Id gladly pay an extra 50 bucks or more for reg. if it went to the clubs. Compare us to other states. It would still be cheaper than most. Plus there is way more trail in Maine than any other state on east coast. The other obvious thing is to donate to the club and/or clubs that maintain the trails you ride.
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Originally Posted by 04700xcxp View Post
"I am hoping we can come up with some other ideas than the over discussed raising the registration fee or mandatory club joining."

I sorry but the single best way to raise substantial additional money for clubs is to require membership to a club. My understanding was that Bob Meyers of the MSA was NOT in favor of this. Until MSA (our voice) supports this it will never happen.

Bob Myers was in favor of this, I attended a legislative session some years ago now (6 or 8) and the MSA decided to vote against the proposal because the Grand Ole State of Maine saw a big payday and was going to collect the money and then possibly (probably not) send some but not all back to the clubs. They needed to keep a portion for the administrative costs. So the MSA voted against to keep the state from stealing from the snowmobiler's and the clubs.

It may be time to re visit this topic under a Republican Gov. with some Republican backing in the senate and house.
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How about more fund raising raffles? The jars always work but only if people donate...My husband (Prozac) and I always donate significantly to the jars and not just small change either...Maybe get the local businesses together and do "Snow-Flings" and runs, etc. charge a fee for the event with the proceeds going toward the trails?

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Jars are great..and fundraisers too. We put money in them when we see them always.
The problem with that as a main way to better fund clubs is too many entitled mindset folks dont participate. Most will walk right by them. We join 3-5 clubs a year in areas we ride but most join none.

It has to be mandatory to join at least one club (why not 2) payable in a way it goes to MSA to distribute, not thru the state. Either that or a fee of say $60 to a general MSA club fund and you pick 2 clubs you chose to see it go to. This is all aside from the state sticker fee's of course. The volunteers deserve to at very least have needed funds available to do trail work and grooming. Its an expensive process unfortunately.
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Originally Posted by skiguy43 View Post
On a smaller level, during big weekends maybe setup a "toll" type of setup that accepts donations. A lot of fire departments and special Olympics type of operations do that here in maine - Put a sign up, have people standing on each side of the traffic, accept a donation (give a sticker) and move on. Easy way to collect a few bucks.

On top of this set up on the trails that get a ton of traffic with coffee donuts/lunch, every so often. Most snowmobile clubs are nearly invisible and even when coming up on a groomer most have no idea which club it is grooming. Be more visible
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It's currently $46 for resident and $100 for non resident. Make sled registrations $75 per sled regardless of residency... if you belong to a club. If you don't join a club, make the registration $100.00 per sled.

Now.. I know the Maine residents will get their undies all wadded up over this suggestion.. but think about it... non residents come to the state, buy food, buy gas... Stay in Hotels, or cabins... out of state riders bring a lot of revenue into the state.
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two dollar snowmobile scratch ticket sold in all the stores.
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Maine has to start charging resident registration at a higher rate.

$75 for sleds less than 10 years old.
$45 for sleds 10 plus years old.
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Originally Posted by wayne View Post
two dollar snowmobile scratch ticket sold in all the stores.

^ this
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