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Put a hand warmer in what ever pocket you keep your phone in. Works for me in Quebec it was -20f this past Saturday phone charge lasted all day.
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We carry a little bag with a couple of hot packs in it all day, and keep it in the windshield bag on our sleds, no issues ever with phone freezing up. and put it on airplane mode when not in use.
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if u put it on vibrate and its in your boot u can feel it ring.
your boot doesn't cost anything.

stay kind all
and put it in your boot lol
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My solution is a bit more complicated - but I use my cell phone as my trail gps so I want it up and running all the time.

Samsung has a safety protocol where if the phone thinks its cold it no longer even takes a charge, thus phone dies.

I bought the skidoo dash conversion kit that allows you to install the x-griper thing that holds gps or phones

Then I bought a heated handgrip element, glued it between 2 thin pieces of aluminum and ran the wire to a cigarette lighter style plug that goes into the slot in my glovebox - can even set the heat for low, med or high

The aluminum is set in my x-gripper thing and my phones goes against it - keeps it very toasty all day
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These newer phones are not sled friendly at all. My old Blackberry could have ice sickles hanging off of it and she would make a call all day long for a few days in a row. My Google and Samsungs go to bed if they get cold or see snow and do not turn back on until warmed up. I had one out and set it on the seat for 15 minutes after I was taking pictures and it killed itself.

My goggle bag on the 1100 has the opposite effect, it kills them from getting too hot.

I do prefer to have my phone on me in case of an unfortunate dismount but with a tech vest it dies even in my coat pocket. If I put it in my shirt pocket it irritates me rubbing between my vest and shirt.

I'm going to give the boot a try. I never thought of that one and it would be so much easier to get at when it is super nippy out. Fantastic tip!
Lead by example, it all begins with you!

Have a great day!
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cats have goggle bag above exhaust in front of handle bars, keeps it warm and no issues, or put in pocket with a hot hands pack.
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Originally Posted by KLYMAXR View Post
cats have goggle bag above exhaust in front of handle bars, keeps it warm and no issues, or put in pocket with a hot hands pack.
Mine gets waaaaay too hot to put my phone in.

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