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Default Lifted trucks with sled decks

I know that there is a "wheeled" forum on here but I am looking for pics of lifted trucks with sled decks. I know that alot of the people in BC use this setup to get their sleds to the mountains. Thanks
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Lifted trucks are not a good idea for one reason and that is the ramp angle gets ugly. Even a stock pickup is high enough to create a challenge to loading but there is always a longer ramp like a folding one I suppose.
Plus after a hard day of mountain riding that first step into the truck is a pain.
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My truck isn't lifted but being a 1 ton it is fairly tall, with the ramp that comes with the deck I don't beleive you could load a sled if it was much higher. I can allready feel my testicles tickling my throat when I load on to it now... Seriously

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Alberta is full of lifted 350's with decks.
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My buddy has an 05 350 lifted 6" on 35s and a Denali deck. I believe it has 10' ramps but not positive. The angle is real ugly but he seems to load sleds no problem.

I loaded a sled once and it was a little scary. You had to carry lots of speed so that you don't get hung up on the steep transition, therefore your skis must catch air and then you have to stop the sled completely in 10'. I guess you just have to get used to it.

I agree with flyntigre. Don't lift a truck if you don't have to. My last truck was a 350 lifted and it's such a pain to load anything and hard on the front end. It did look good and turned lots of heads but I would take my stock 1/2 tonne over that any day.

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No pic's of my deck as I sold it and moved to an enclosed. I have a Dodge 3500 with a 6" lift running 37's and the deck angle was definitely much, much steeper after I lifted it. The thing that saved me was having a 10 foot telescoping ramp on my Marathon sled deck (believe they are Truck Boss now). Definitely had to hit the ramp with authority and be quick on the brake. I was the only one who loaded sleds on it as it could get tricky. Even with the one ton, I still put airbags in the suspension to firm it up. Loved the traction with the deck, love the heater in the enclosed even more! LOL!
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I wonder if you couldn't rig it with a winch or come along to do it not under power.
Have a great day!!!


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Originally Posted by Tcat1k View Post
I wonder if you couldn't rig it with a winch or come along to do it not under power.
If you're willing to shell out the cash, Truck Boss ( formerly Marathon) sells fully outfitted decks with which options. You can either by the the winch plate mount to mount to your deck and supply your own which, or they sell a plate/hinch combo. Even comes with a bag type enclosure to protect the winch from the elements. Would work great for the lifted guys with steep ramp angles, or even better when trying to load a sled with a break down

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My buddies all have diesels with aluminum 2 pieces but my plywood box gets me to the mountain just fine
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