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Default '04 polaris fusion 600 drive issues

I dont know anything about snowmobiles...sorry for the lack of proper terms!

I have a 2004 Polaris Fusion 600.. started it earlier this winter and it ran poorly. It would idle well enough but when i drove it I'd get going no more than 15 mph, and cutting out constantly. I then drained the fuel and put new fuel in, ran it some more and it was getting better. I could get up to 20 with small bursts of normal power, so i figured it was just working the bad fuel out of the system. I used up a half a tank of the new fuel and the power was returning, but it never got back to where it was when i parked it last year.

Flash forward to today.. it started right up, but struggled to get moving. I rode it maybe two hundred yards and couldn't get it going above 20 mph. Finally, it bogged down and is now buried in my yard. No matter what i try, i cant get the track to spin. It idles well, but when i rev it up it sounds a little rough still. I looked at the belt and it seems to be in good shape. When i get rpms up to 3000 it'll kick a clutch type deal in to contact the belt, and continues to spin but wont turn the belt even when in contact with it.

Do i need to tighten the belt some how? Any recommendations?

I noticed the previous owner wrote on the bottom of the belt cover that it has 400 jets... im around 2200 feet, i dont know if thats the correct jet size or not, or if it even has anything to do with my issues.

Any help is appreciated!
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Before going any further, what sled do you really have? no such model as an 04 fusion...its either an edge of that year or an 06 fusion, plus it sound like you have more going on than belt deflection issues. I'd suggest you get someone with more experience with sleds to help describe what issues your having.
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Woops... its an 06 fusion. Ok, I'll ask around
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Originally Posted by Mackb View Post
Woops... its an 06 fusion. Ok, I'll ask around

Jack rear end up. Run it on a stand. That might let you know if it is your primary clutch.

600 Fusions had issues with primary out of factory.
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