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Default NS1 Gauge System App Preview

The NS1 Gauge System that I've been working on for the last couple is finally nearing completion. I currently have just a few things left, like ordering the decals for the indicator lights at the top of the gauge, and generating the map data that will be bundled with the gauge system.

NS1 Gauge System - Next Stage Gauges

The app that runs on the gauge system is actually designed to run on any Android device. This means that I can let folks try and test the app even before they have the actual NS1 Gauge System hardware. You can find the app in the Google Play Store by searching for NS1 Dashboard:

I've only tested it with large smartphone sized screens and larger. It is intended to work well on 7" screens, so on smaller devices you may find things are smaller or sized strangely. If you find a problem with the app please let me know. It's fairly well tested, but I'm sure there is a bug or two that needs to be ironed out still.

I have a manual for the gauge system, but it is a bit outdated, and the images of the gauge system are of the beta testing version, which has changed a bit for production.

A summary of the important instructions are:
-Swipe down from the top of the screen to bring up the Android navigation menus and buttons that are hidden when the app launches.
-The arrows on the left and right side of the screen allow you to change between 5 screens.
-The three squares at the top right brings up the main menu for the gauge system.
-You can configure a gauge face by touching the area you want to place the gauge for longer than 1 second, but less than 3 seconds. This is done so that clearing snow off and that water droplets on the screen won't activate menus.

Below are pictures of what is pretty much the final version of the hardware. The stickers for the indicator lights aren't on yet, but otherwise this should be pretty exactly how the NS1 Gauge System will look:

The Polaris mounting hardware uses a backing plate to mount the brackets that hold the display. The backing plate goes over the hole where the stock Polaris gauge normally is.
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