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Default 01 Arctic Cat 600 EFI Boggs out when warmed up

Hello I'm new to the Forum but I am not new to Arctic Cats I've owned a couple of them. I recently just bought a 2001 Arctic Cat Mountain Cat 600 EFI high output and when I test rode it it ran great. We must got a few inches of snow here and I wanted to take it out for the first rip round the powder yesterday and I started it letbit run for 5 min so it warms up and started on my way. It ran perfect for about 20 min or so then i could tell it was bogging down. I shutbit off checked to make sure all hoses and lines were connected and that the airbox boots were hooked up cuz i kjow that can make it run rich or lean. Everything good. Shut the cowling and it still ran like shit and eventually i couldnt go anywhere. Id try and feather the gas to keep it going but it just dies and will only stary again if you let it sit. I ended up having to get it towed back to my place and by that time I had to go to work. so today I I started up and got on it rodevs. b it around the block rite quick and it didn't bog down once even when I give it full throttle so i go for another round rhe block and it started bogging once again and this time once it started it wouldnt move at all so i had to have it towed home once again. Please anyone help me im stumped and dont know what else to do. Thanks you and have a good day.
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start here


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When it stops running, loosen the gas cap and see if you hear hissing. Seen it several times over the years. Sled, quad, etc runs great then dies. Fuel vent is plugged and tank develops a vacuum to the point where the pump can no longer pull fuel.
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Could be smart valves in the tank but bogging when it's warm and not starting till it cools down is indicitive of the stator going out. I'm guessing it's coil 1 or 2. Get a service manual for it and do an ohm test on it.
Pain in the butt to replace (flywheel puller needed) and about $200 I think.
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