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Default Need Help choosing sleds (newbie)

Hey guys,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan and I recently moved out the Steamboat Colorado. I work on a ship as an officer transporting oil to Alaska in the Bearing Sea as well as the Arctic Ocean. I have ridden dirt bikes four wheelers basically everything with an engine but never owned my own snowmobile. Only rented them and gone trail riding

The time has come. I have a $16,000 budget and I am looking for two mountain sleds for my dad and I. We are both 5'8" around 160 pounds. We will be riding the sleds near Steamboat Springs where we get a lot of powder! Now I understand it takes time to learn to ride powder etc...but I want to get machines that are capable of doing this so we can grow into the machines.

I have been looking at different sleds and have seen a decent amount of 2014 to 2016 Arctic cat m6000 and m8000 153" for sale. I am pretty sure I want a 153" length, but I am not quite sure what I want in the power of the machine. I don't want something that will be to much to handle, but I don't want something that in a years time I say, "Damn I wish I bought the more powerful sled".

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know this is a good problem to have! Real excited about getting into snowmobiling. Common snow!!!
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I am no expert on powder sleds
but my guess is this, your riding in a lot of elevation elevation robe's HP
so, IMO, I say just get an 800, its NOT like there that much more HP than a 600, you can control them with your thumb?

can get you out of some things you might get stuck in on a 600, learning how to ride it in powder!
more pro's than conb's
but biggest con will be price?

I personally suggest looking at some left over sleds, and hoping new, might cost a few bucks more, but, then you have a warranty, and you won't be fixing anything out of pocket, as you most likely will on a used sled
as 99% of the time you buy used, , you soon find out it needs this or that, and that , adds up into more $$ any how
why not go new , more peace of mind IMO
after this, I say, go with your Dad and go sit on some sleds, and see what FEELS better to each of you
t help NOT being able to ride them, but at least you will see what controls and such you like better?

all the makers today , like it or not make good sleds, and all have there down sides!, personal preference , (like or dis like ) is what makes more forum treads take off on issue's of any brand! IMO
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Depends how someone set the bars up. I've been on some sleds that other riders setup for their liking. I couldn't ride the sled that least for very long.
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