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Default Primary spring suggestion for 1000

Sled is an 09 cfr 1000, 136 ext. Came with a BMP torsional kit. Yellow spring in secondary, blue in primary.

It grabs later and harder than I would like, around 4500 rpms. Makes low speed maneuverability difficult. I already took primary apart, cleaned, and made sure everything was smooth.

Here are the spring rates I have found-
Stock purple-121-240
Bmp blue-140-300 (installed)
My brother sent me two from speedworx.
They are 120-310 and 125-340.

125 would prob be perfect however idk what the downside would be to using a much higher compressed rate (340). The secondary mostly controls the shifting right?

It has BMP's adjustable primary weights, but I do not know how much weight is installed. I'm assuming that's more of a fine tuning aid. Unless they are way off....

Also, I do not know if all those spring rates are specified at equal compression heights.

I just want to lower my launch rpm a little and of course not overspeed my engine. Although I do not rip across lakes and am rarely above 70 mph.
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I used the yellow white Cat in the drive clutch and an orange in the secondary. Worked nice and still with enough rpms to launch it well but not to high. No torsional set up all stock.
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Put the 120-310 in. A common thing with those was to shim the spider, as it increases belt grip and lowers engagement, making better use of the 1000's torque.
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