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I have also ran the 031 & 035(stock belt off of 06 f7r). These belts are not as soft as the 020 & need more weight added to primary. They are great belts for trailing & the softer belt for racing. I can't remember if I had to adjust secondary to accomodate the 03(it's been awhile). Like stated I gave up on the 020, since I couldn't get 8/10 passes without it blowing(yes all aligned). So then tried the new 020, I didn't spend much time try to dial it in(I just couldn't get RPM & speed out of It, without possibly changing all my clutching). I then tried the XS 802 which was very close in RPM & performance of the 020(closest I found to match the 020). I also have a Polaris belt that is very soft/sticky, but pretty sure the Primary has to be shimmed to run it. So I have yet to try It, because i find shimming the Primary can go very Well or Bad!! Lol
I know you are looking for a direct replacement belt, you were very lucky to find one & A.C. dealer that was willing to help you.
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Thanks for the info. Ya this sled is in really good condition and will most likely have less than 4000 miles on it at end of year. (The kid rides it ) just trying to figure out an easy availible replacement. The ultimax maybe the one. It will be sold at end of year or beginning of nxt year. The kid likes the speed And loves the sled but he wants something more rider forward and bump compliant.

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