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Originally Posted by stronger800 View Post
Mnstang, was that an update to the update then? Because I only had an 04 in early 04 and my dealer swapped out the entire gear case and the shaft (complete)..... I looked right at the old parts complete, on his table, when he had a few other customers have issues and he didn't want me having problems. I sold the sled not long after though. I thought I had the updated stuff like the 05-06's had, but maybe not.
I'm not sure about the 04 updates. I know there was a clutching update for them to get heavier weights. And I know the 04 was a little different in that it had a vent hose, while the 05/06 vented through the top gear shaft of the secondary clutch. But cat never put the bolted connection setup on any of the zr9's stock. I don't remember there being an update through cat for that but I'm sure some dealers were doing it with bdx parts. I have read some of the later units came with the bottom gear being threaded for the bolt so you didn't have to update that, although my 05 wasn't threaded so I'm not sure on that. Kinda weird that coupler connection, I don't think the firecats ever used that I think it was zr9 only. I never had a problem with mine until I went to do the update and the little set screw rounded out. It could be easy not to get that coupler fully tight or the set screw to not hold and loosen up the coupler and then strip the splines I'm sure that happened alot.
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