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Well.....04 was the first year for those and I find it hard to believe that one of them is still out there that Hasn't had the drive shaft to diamond drive coupler system updated (to the design that came out in late '04 and was used in all sleds after that), but, I'd say that's what you have going on and it's going to completely fail on you at some point, leaving you unable to move. Was your diamond drive Remived from the sled when it inspected? It needs to be. I think they maybe just removed the cover and looked in at the gears. Anybody familiar with a Cat of that era should have been able to see the issue, but I can't see it from here. Just saying....that was a big thing back in 04. You need to jack it up, get under the sled, back the track tension all the way off, look up at the back of the diamond drive inside of the tunnel and try to wiggle the axle. Turn the tack by hand. Look for signs of movement, rust that looks like it's disturbed, etc. Google 2004 ZR 900 drive shaft update. A few years ago parts were available still, they should be still around. Black diamond extreme had a kit. I doubt it's cheap anymore. But walking isn't fun. Welcome to the forum
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