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Default 700 dragon wouldnt rev past 7800..then i caught something to look out for

so i finally cured the dragons plug killing problem.2 tanks of fuel gone now not one foul. i even switched back to the champion rn57yccs to see if it would foul those and nope, runs perfect.

i got a box of 32 plugs i ordered from ebay show up just in time for me to not need them.lol.anyways ...

so yesterday i was out playing with the fuel map abit and noticed i was suddenly only getting up to 7400-7800 rpms when it was 8250 always up till now.

immediately , i assume the worst.low compression.nope.

ok, maybe a broken primary spring or something with the belt?nope.

so i said well wttf then , so i pulled my ves valves.

well, on the pto side it appeared the nut that holds the bellow onto the gillotine had become super loose

retightened it and gave em both a good cleaning.put em back in , boom , 8250 again.

ive had 3 edges with ves and never saw that happen before?should these be blue loctited or something ?

anyways, something to look out for that i never would have thought about till i seen this happen.

the adventure continues .....
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