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well I'll tell you this too , wiper blades ain't made that great anymore, even the HIGH dollar one's
last winter, while on a sled trip I had one freeze and tear, stopped at a chain auto store, they had top line Bosh Icon on sale, so grabbed one
a week later other side wper tore in some ice storm??
again, hit first chain auto store, had the top shelf Rain X (forget what model, but at the time was so called BEST one they made) on sale, so tried one of them, and wanted to see if there was a difference or not
and neither was CHEAP even on sale! but figured I don;'t mind paying for something if its better or lasts longer!
well a yr later, BOTH of them are failing, one leaves streaks like made, and the other one squeaks like crazy and has a stutter to it
so in need of two new one's a yr later
OEM one's lasted 3+ years! so going back to them when I get to dealer! and there are always sales on them there too!

like most things made today, over priced and designed to fail, so you buy more!
fancy marketing makes you THINK your getting something better!
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