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Originally Posted by ASS-MAN View Post
Countries / religion / politics / greed / have fueled invasion and control of countries which are less able to defend themselves since the big bang. The US after the 2nd world war and having the largest surviving military c/w the A bomb went on a rampage around the world and made huge demands on many countries for resources. (This is nothing new as most victors do the same as reference how Britain, USSR, and US divided up the spoils and formed different countries and boarders. The USSR gets the bomb and the cold war is on. (The arms race begins) The USSR goes into
Afghanistan the Americans fund support and train the opposition. USSR economy fails country breaks up, the USA pulls support and now you have trained armed Middle east countries and religious factions with a hate on for the US comes to be Taliban. USA goes after resources oil and you have Bush start a war. More hate and more pissed off Middle east with no way to combat a Supper power except with Terrorism.9/11 was there answer and it continues to this day. War after war and they again will find away to bring it to American soil. A train/boat/building/etc. My point is did Trump add to this mess by killing this guy and making a mortar to give the terrorists another reason to get behind? My intention is not a knock on the Americans (I have many friends that are yanks), my intention is to have a conversation and have the thoughts shared both ways. That's why its called a forum. But if its just going to be shut the fuck up, that's cool too even though its not very thought provoking. I have no issue listening to more opinions then my own.
Remember its was the Archduke Ferdinand assassination that started the first world war.

One thing I have learned about you is this...I would NEVER want to be shoulder to shoulder next to YOU in a FOXHOLE during a military FIREFIGHT...I would NOT trust YOU with my back/life...
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