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Default Obamas Buddy is dead

Originally Posted by ASS-MAN View Post
That's fine, but remember your arrogance is seen by the world and as a country that was to represent the hope of what other countries might aspire to as free nations your representation leaves a lot to be desired.
Regards from Canada

Oh pulleeze. Most of the world aspires to be like the USA but let me let you in on a little secret, most of American citizens donít give a shit about that. We would much rather NOT have this shit end up on our soil more than anything.

Iran went to Iraq to fuck with the USA. Think about that for a second. They know for a fact they donít want a war in their own country. They went to Iraq to fuck with Americans. Blowing one of their big wigs up for even threatening to do such a thing sends a pretty powerful message. Any war against the US will most likely not be backed by any country, just some faction of fucktards. No one countryís government takes the heat for any of this shit because they donít want a face to face blowout with the US. Welcome to the wars of the 21st century.
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