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Originally Posted by p51mstg View Post
I've worn glasses about as long as I've been snowmobiling. In the old days, never had a problem with fogging, because we all wore open-face helmets (if any helmet at all). Have worn full-face helmets since 1990 and the first one was pretty bad - constant fogging unless I cracked open the shield and left it there.

A couple of years ago, I bought a Polaris modular helmet that has a very good breath shield. It has a heated shield, also. Normally don't have a problem with fogging noW

Weekend before last, out snowmobiling and was struggling with fogging. Turned out to be my breath deflector was not adjusted to my face. After tightening up the nose arch, fogging went away completely and has not returned.

Short story long, I've had issues with fogging in the past, but my latest modular helmet with a good breath deflector (adjusted properly) and heated shield does extremely well and I don't need anything else. I always leave the front vent open so that my breath exhausts out of the helmet and does't push back up through the breath deflector.

Maybe the fancy pants BRP helmet would be better, but the real trick was getting the breath deflector firmly pressed against my face.
Yes, the fancy pants BRP helmet would be better, and it is better. No need to crack the visor. Quieter more comfortable experience.
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