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Originally Posted by Thorney View Post
I have tried everything short of a BVS2 helmet. I have worn glasses forever. I can't wear contacts. No Fog mask is the ticket along with a heated shield. You have to get your breath out from the helmet. I keep my helmet shield cracked open. I use a modular, and at every stop I open the whole face. If I have time, I put my glasses inside my jacket pocket. Also keep the helmet vents open. All humidity must be out of the helmet.
Nothing works... dish soap—no... sprays to treat lenses—no... home remedies that grandma swore by—nope... open face helmet with goggles and a decent (real) balaclava— no (funny how on those really cold minus 30 nights and even colder wind chill temps, your face starts to sting from the cold somehow finding it’s way in. That’s okay...kids that do that are tough...and the impending frostbite �� is something they ignore in front of their sledding buddies. lol �� I’ve seen it!).

Listen, as a seasoned sledder who tried every trick in the book and then some...NOTHING WORKS! So, do the only right next step...reach into your pocket and pull out every spare penny you can find, then just go and buy the BRP BV2S helmet. It’s designed differently than any other helmet or style out there and will actually do what you need it to. It works! I have owned one for years and will never need to improve on this helmet. You will finally be able to see where you’re going with absolutely no fogged up lenses. Does not matter how cold it is....does not matter if you are stopped at a road crossing and waiting to cross, does not matter if you are sledding fast or slow...doesn’t matter if you’re an aggressive sledder and sweat a lot...no need to “crack the visor” to vent that breath! No more wiping the lenses of your glasses, no more heating the glasses in an inner pocket for a moment while your buddies ahead of you pull farther and farther away. ... and then give you s*#t when you catch up to them. “dude...what the hell is taking you so long....wtf,”

Yes, the helmet is expensive ... and worth every penny! The helmet is designed to keep the exhausted breath away from a separate, divided chamber that your face (and glasses), are in. Breathe in fresh air and breathe out stale air...and the two never mix, like they tend to in conventional helmets etc. The separation is key and exactly why they, and only they, work properly. Forget about snot catchers, breath deflectors and all those other gimmicks that are available and claim to keep your glasses and lenses from fogging up. Pffhhh...You know yourself, they simply don’t work! If any of them did, would you even be asking the question in the first place? Stop the nonsense...just go buy the right helmet and be done with it for good!

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