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Somebody somewhere is getting robbed , raped, murdered , selling drugs etc while the bogus troopers act to fill ticket percentages ,lie, steal , fabricate evidence ,lie on reports , lie lie lie and lie some more . Violate citizen rights on a daily basis. (No I’m no snowflake or antifa clown or a criminal ) total fucking shitbags. And it starts with how these pussies are taught in the academy . They look like fucking Batman with all that shit on the duty belts and are still scared (or act like ) there is a boogey man behind every tree. Corrupt department . There are some good ones but troopers ain’t it ......... shit stems. Good news is they keep banging eachothers wives around here so at least they shit on each other as well as the public. Lol. Anyway now that I’m all fired up. Back to mufflers .....

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