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Originally Posted by tallcool 1 View Post
FWIW, most of the folks on the morning MSNBC show are republicans... but I guess since they don't suck up to Trump like limp Lindsey, they must be enemies. Couldn't be they believe in holding officials accountable, even of their own party, could it??

So ANY station that plays back Trump's own words and actions are bad... got it, lol!! Even some of the folks at Fox can see through the smoke.

How much did this 4th spectacle cost?

Who reserved a large portion of spectator ground up front for friends and family?

This was just a way for your boy to try to swing his weight and have a parade like his two dictator heroes, plain and simple. If you know ANYTHING about the DC area, you would know there are SO many celebrations on the 4th, this was not the only way to support our history. Heaven forbid anyone say anything that doesn't agree with your liar's agenda, and you guys get your panties in a wad.
It's not about anyone getting their panties in a wad. It's been a divided country for a while now ... and it happened before Trump. The problem I have with the current Democrat contingent is ... what are they actually doing for the citizens of the US? Everything they do right now seems to be anything they can to fight Trump vs. what's in the best interest of the US. If they're not fighting Trump, they're calling for everything to be free and/or debt forgiven. It's ridiculous.

I don't agree with some of what Trump says, or everything he does, but he's definitely doing more for me and my family than AOC and Omar are doing. That Democratic debate, when asked who would be in favor of healthcare for all .. including illegals? That right there is what's wrong with this country. But I digress ... I hate to appear as though my panties are getting wadded up
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