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Originally Posted by Frankie406 View Post
As far as feeling 2-4 hp, if a pipe gains 5 or 6, you feel that and it shows up in lengths in a race against the same sled. So, for the dollar, it's a great gain. Say, shim, reeds, shelf mod and some flo rites, all fine tuned with a Power commander, would be a noticeable gain, all enhanced by gearing and a good clutch set up, should be a dramatic difference.

Kinda wishing I would have got the Rev 2 kit from Rk Tek now. I think I would do that instead of a pipe/y pipe. If I got a pipe, I think I would give the DynoPort set up a shot. He doesn't claim big numbers, but I believe they are real. I think Rich Daily is a straight shooter, and doesn't bs.

As far as not modifying and leaving it stock, it's tough. I build performance and racing engines for a living, and do related machine work, etc, so, I have an above average idea of what is required, and how to make it all work, and I have a couple friends that specialize in the sled stuff too, not going at it blindly here. But, I do know what your saying, the further away from stock you deviate, the less reliable and more potential headaches you can create. But, I think everything I am doing, actually makes them more reliable.
Yeah, rich daily is a straight shooter. Whatever his findings you can pretty much believe it. Heck i even was going to have him build a lightweight can for my 95 xcr that had a lot of mods at the time while using the stock pipe. He advised me not to, saying he had to build it loud in order to work with the engine mods. I stuck with making the stock exhaust can work. I thought rich was a ski-doo man. I can vouch for his pipes when i had ktm bikes, they worked well for our new england conditions pumping out good useable power..
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