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As far as feeling 2-4 hp, if a pipe gains 5 or 6, you feel that and it shows up in lengths in a race against the same sled. So, for the dollar, it's a great gain. Say, shim, reeds, shelf mod and some flo rites, all fine tuned with a Power commander, would be a noticeable gain, all enhanced by gearing and a good clutch set up, should be a dramatic difference.

Kinda wishing I would have got the Rev 2 kit from Rk Tek now. I think I would do that instead of a pipe/y pipe. If I got a pipe, I think I would give the DynoPort set up a shot. He doesn't claim big numbers, but I believe they are real. I think Rich Daily is a straight shooter, and doesn't bs.

As far as not modifying and leaving it stock, it's tough. I build performance and racing engines for a living, and do related machine work, etc, so, I have an above average idea of what is required, and how to make it all work, and I have a couple friends that specialize in the sled stuff too, not going at it blindly here. But, I do know what your saying, the further away from stock you deviate, the less reliable and more potential headaches you can create. But, I think everything I am doing, actually makes them more reliable.
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