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Originally Posted by Frankie406 View Post
I have a shim, and vforce 3 r reeds, and will have a power commander for this winter. A small chance a pipe or Dynoport Y pipe. Also doing the ves solenoid delete, and try some pink springs. Would think improved air flow potential into the engine could help. I realize 2-3 hp is virtually un noticable by seat of the pants, but added altogether, every little bit helps. And it might add a sled length in a drag race over a distance.
In your case you'd need to try it and see. You can likely see a 2-3 hp variation between dyno pulls alone just changing plugs or the 2 stroke oil used, so you'd want to see more meaningful dyno pulls. Unless you, or someone is a very experienced tuner, your best off leaving the sled stock and work on traction, gear, and clutching depending what conditions you will run.
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