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Putting my name on the 'willing to test' sign up sheet...

also lookign for any guidance on setup for freemont friday night run. hopefully my xcr shows up in time...

Originally Posted by northstarrick View Post
gearing has been mimicking the 800's i'am pretty sure this will also be the case with the xcr? at the end of the season we geared one down the same as the 800's. this was on a poor performing 850 that struggled to get much pass 100 mph. and this was one of the 850's that our 800 assault beat badly at a local radar run.

this gear down and clutching woke it up big time. the guy said it scares him now. and it's just sick corner to corner.

so yes we will have a clutch kit for this sled using SLP magnum force weights. they will have a heavier base weight out this fall. we want a little early testing to see if we are going to gear these down? some didn't need it in 2019. but these also were all over the place performance wise? 2020 it's said will be much better? time will tell.
pending...850 XCR...
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