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Well, I can't say because I have never ran the Fox. Something strange happened on my 2017 Switchy. It came with Walkers. I am a big man (250lbs) and bottomed out quite a bit on the first rides. Then after miles were accrued the bottoming out stopped. But before that. I spent money on HyGear springs based on my first rides. My 2019 Switchy did the same thing.

I had saved the springs and thought I needed to install them right away on the 2019. But that was not the case. I am changing them this summer just because I bought them.

Not to downgrade the HyPro springs. They are fantastic when it comes to eating bumps. I am installing them this summer just because I bought them. But my 2019 ride with Walker shocks was great.

The Walker Evan shocks are great for me. But I don't jump. I just ride beat trails.
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