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Sucks you took it so personally you took the time to write such a long and useless point trying to explain and defend yourself.

Cheers to you

Originally Posted by WildMann View Post
Wow, two of you dolts with one post. The original poster and you. I hope you feel proud.

If you go back to my post, actually you're kinda slow so I'll help you out. I said, "Just a little search of Ontario". I actually never said what I searched, did I? Nor did I include the search bar or address bar... Catching on yet? I searched Polaris snowmobiles. When I got the results, I snipped it just so, and circled things to add emphasis. (Just for the record, I'm not sure why I got Arctic cats, Ski-doos, ski-roules...) lol But it served it's purpose.
Then I posted it with a little effortless blurb to @Badger. Just as I expected, he blew a gasket, you were just collateral damage. See, Badger reminds me of that loudmouth Roman character from The Great Outdoors. Plus he also fits the worlds view on typical american douche nozzle.
This is the GDF and he did come in here, as he always does, likely after a couple beer when he's feeling 10' tall and bulletproof, trying to stir the pot. Well I can do that too. So cheers to you guys for making my day just a little brighter. and before I go, this is for @Badger and his video skills.


Sucks I actually had to explain all this, but brand loyalty clouds the vision of many here.

Disclaimer: this is not directed at all Americans

Had to edit for the quote.
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