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Originally Posted by lonewolfhowling View Post
Originally Posted by Rodeo Rider View Post
The one and only time someone "slipped me a Mickey" in my drink happened there.

The rest to follow was like a Tarantino flick lol

I don't think the "customer" knew who he was dealing with
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Ok. I'll answer. I like bloody Mary's. A creepy regular put MMDA (sp?) In my drink. It was towards the end of my shift.

I think he planned on following me out and putting me in his car, or something like that. (Ladies, ALWAYS get your coctail straight from the bartender, watch him make it).

So I start to feel horrible, wobbly and hallucinating..and I pointed to the creep and said something to the effect of "he,he,he...put...sumthin..in my drink...

Well the other 2 girls working with me walk over and start hitting him. Then Glen the bouncer (and another big biker I forgot his name) well they held him down while I kicked the shit out of him with my solid wood dancing shoes (they were a thing back then the shoes).

And I mean bad. And the guys dragged him out and we never saw him again.

And I got a ride home and passed out for hours. It was awful. I don't understand people who willingly take that stuff.

I "retired" about 8 months after meeting my h, roughly in early 1986.

My stage name was my middle name. Pepper (cute huh? I always hated it)

No pictures. Matter of fact I destroyed the small few I had of me on stage. Don't need my grand kids finding them some day.

I just want to say: I never became a druggie or prostitute. I banked just about every penny I made. I spent my breaks with my books studying lol. I also met some interesting people.

My H is and was the ONLY guy I ever hooked up with from work. See there is such a thing as love at first sight and soul mates.

I just met mine and married him &#x1f642;
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power then the world will know peace" Jimmy Hendrix
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