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Default Windshield options for new bodywork

So I ordered a 2020 zr6000 rxc and I want to put on a taller windshield. Iím getting older now, Iíll be a half a century by the time winter rolls around and the thought of a postage stamp windshield isnít palpable to me anymore. After a long day, I really hate getting back on the sled after eating dinner and having to endure a cold ride for an hour or two or more before getting back to our cabin so a taller windshield would be more appealing in that respect too. I know I know Iím becoming a wuss. Ive searched on here and have read many threads on different ideas but there arenít many pictures to actually see what a certain windshield will look like on the new body. Also do the older windshields fit the new body? Iíve read some posts that say yes they fit and others that say they fit but you have to drill holes. If any of you have a pic of newer sleds with taller than stock windshields could you please post them along with a part number? Oem or aftermarket is fine and btw if anyone racing cross country knows what the new sleds are using to race that would be good too. I saw a post on arctic insider about the 2015 rxc sled and they used a tallish mid height windshield part number 6606-513 that actually looks good so Iíd be interested in going that route if possible. Sorry for the long post and thank you.
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