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Originally Posted by Rodeo Rider View Post
For your past sins?

My FIL (father in law) basically tricked my husband into letting him and his wife (real MIL passed away years ago, I adored her) stay with us.

We were under the impression they were only staying for a long weekend for a family reunion.

So dad calls us, back and forth, keeps asking my hubby if it's ok if they stay.. AND THEN WE FIND OUT IT'S FOR THREE WEEKS!

Holy shit, crap, ahhh we are both totally buggin!!!

And no, we can't un-invite them. That would start an Armageddon of epic proportions LOL.

Anyone on here get "roped" into hosting family for an extended period of time?

Now let me say my father in law isn't the warmest nicest man, but at least he isn't a whiney Biotch like his wife. I do love this man, as he obviously is my husband's dad. And I love my husband.

But his wife is a "Debbie downer". Think Eyore!

Complains about my furniture, house, water, Christ everything.

Yes, I do have the room for them. But just the thought of having them here so long is making me ill.

I'm putting cable and a tv in their room, giving them the big bath, etc.

It's just I work from home, at least my husband gets to leave every morning. And I'm going to be stuck with these people.

Yes, I will probably be drinking heavily lol.

Any sage advice, pearls of wisdom, and epithets you have of enduring your own "in law home invasion" please share.
1st bold why do they need to stay for 3 weeks????

2nd bold Just me, but I would drop a comment about it being my home and you asked to stay here, if you don't like my home or my things there's always a hotel/motel in town....... You asked to stay here not me.......

Pretty disrespectful to make comments about my home and my property that we worked hard to make it a place we are proud to call our home......

It's a catch 22, you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't........
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