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It's a balance of track length, track lug, track width and # of studs & length when it comes to traction. It comes down to clutching to put all of the mentioned to proper use. I've seen 121" beat 136/144" but I've also seen 136/144" smoke 121",s. If you want to go to 136/144 go for it, I think we're just saying that its all in the set up buddy.
Here are some numbers so you can see the difference in footprint per size.

121/136/144 tracks using 2.52" drive pitch

121” - 48 total rows of lugs – 16.86 lugs on ground
128” – 51 total rows of lugs – 17.85 lugs on ground
136” - 54 total rows of lugs - 19.87 lugs on ground
144” - 57 total rows of lugs – 22.62 lugs on ground
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