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Originally Posted by Drift19 View Post
I carry a trash bag in the rear bag on my four wheeler. Seeing all those beer cans along snowmobile and ATV trails not only shows there are a lot of pigs out there but a lot of drunks also.

It's the same way along roads now. My mother came out from Ohio to Minnesota for a visit some years ago and remarked how clean it was along our roads. Now there is trash everywhere. Pigs that throw their trash out the window of their vehicles. Cutbacks for highway employees has seen a severe curtailment in highway workers for picking up trash and cutting grass and weeds along highways. The state and county now ask volunteers to clean sections of highway for free. An ATV club I belonged to cleaned a two mile section of highway near here. The state put up a nice little recognition sign with the clubs name and stating that the next two miles of road were cleaned by such and such club. But these groups only pick up trash once a month for the most part. The roads are not so nice anymore.
Same here in connecticut, roadsides in rural areas haven't been touched since the snow melted in march. There's plenty of discarded trash with no money in the state dot budget to clean it up.
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