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I think the taller front end will make them a lot more fun to ride. Maybe take a little more body English but will be better to hammer huge monguls and bang ditches. Polaris puts 1.5 inch taller spindles on there aggressive trim sleds like the X model and the 146 SKS. I think its bs the guys saying it will make it rail corners better. Its only like 1.5 inches taller but will make a huge difference It will make is so much more fun and get more life out of the ageing procross platform and make it feel more like the next generation platform that doo/ Polaris have. I think the new riot cross over had to have this front end to make it work good. As far as guys blowing all kinds of money to swap to the new set up I would ask yourself if you are an aggressive rider or not. not really worth it if not maybe just for bragging rights so you can say you have the new front end?
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