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Originally Posted by scott32 View Post
The belts are different in length only 45.16" for the 1177 on the rush, switchback, and assault and 46.77" for the 1183 on the rmk. The clutch alignment is the same in all axys 800s. The differences between the 1177 and 1215 used on the 850 are only different in compound and share the same dimensions. Clutch alignments this far have been the same also.

Not according to my info.

1177 is a 26 deg side angle, 1215 is a 28 deg.

I understand that Primary clutch sheave angles are different as well.

This affects offset as the wider sheave angles on the 850 cause the belt to reach a different farther inward position at 1:1 ratio or any ratio where the tool is designed for.

This difference can be easily calculated.

As further evidence of this, all the secondaries on the 2019 850 Indys I've checked using the 800 AXYS tool are too far inward floated from the factory.

I also question those numbers for offset. (.115"). Has to be at least the width of the belt plus secondary outer sheave thickness. This is 1.46" plus about 1/4 ".
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