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Originally Posted by BattleStorm View Post
Just like the title says.. Even when I own the Arctic Cat I'm beating its still fun! Here is the Vid, my bone Stock 2017 Assault 800 ES vs my 2015 HCR 800 ZUKE, the zuke has a blue printed engine, was clutched by some pro cat racer guy im told.. Both sleds have 2inch tracks, the snow was wet so hook up was good. The two sleds run good and both have less then 500 miles on them. This was just for fun guys but I had to see if the Polaris could beat the legendary 800 ZUKE in a short drag..

That guy looks like a hell of a driver on the white and green machine.

I gotta give you credit. You reverse engineer almost as good as the Patriot Engine Team.

To BS! The Fastest Racer that isn't on the Fastest 800 Results Page. Good Job Again This Year.

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