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Default 2007 F5 LXR new to me

Just picked up an end of season deal to have a spare machine. Isn't perfect but actually pretty decent for the 1500.00 I spent on it. Typical couple rust spots on A arms and such but otherwise body/seat is pretty decent. Starts right up.. Odometer says 6500 miles but owner said he thought it had a rebuild buy original owner. I checked both cylinders and they are about 118 psi each which seems a little lower but they are identical at 118. Cheap Oreilly gauge could be wrong too. Leads me to think no rebuild but not an issue for me anyways. He told me issues were a very small oil seap around oil tank level switch and I need skis which I could see right away. Also said top speed on the lake was 75 mph which is what I see others are near as well. Its curently getting a new gas tank due to recall. Anything on this 07 that I should be keeping an eye on besides the usual? Clutches seemed nice and tight. He did say this past season he had to bring it in to get injectors cleaned they were sticky but issue is resolved I guess.
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