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Originally Posted by dodger View Post
rich because your flipping the choke.

-check compression
-you can run with vents dangling, it just needs to be jetted properly. Usually 3 jet sizes difference between venting to the airbox and not.
-post photos of the transplant so we can get an idea of what you have
I was only flipping the choke after it would bog out on every straight away for the first 3-4 hours of riding. It would start to pop and bog and definitely sounded like it was going to blow up after about 20 seconds of on and off the throttle. But in the trails it ran pretty good. Its like when in the trails Iím off the throttle enough to let the fuel catch up. But also like I mentioned it seemed rich on startup.

I will get some relevant pics tomorrow my sled is still in the trailer. Hereís all I have.
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