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Default 05 IQR with 01 xc 600 problems

I posted to the XC forum but I will try here as well...

I picked up a non running 05 IQR with a 01 XC 600 swap last year. I rebuilt the top end last year cleaned power valves and carbs installed new stock jets except went to 410 mains, installed new gaskets etc. It ran good last year but seemed to get horrendous gas mileage like 6-7 out on the trails not even riding too aggressive. Went out a couple times early this year and it ran about the same. One day I couldnít get it started and noticed a puddle of gas under my sled. After some trouble shooting I replaced the o rings in the float assemblies and did a leak test and seemed ok so I cleaned the carbs and put them in the sled. During this process a more knowledgeable friend took a look at my carbs and said it looked like they were bored as the intakes were smooth and shiny and did not look like the other surfaces on the carbs. At this point they were already on and I was leaving for a trip so I just put it back together and away I went . So this weekend it ran worse than ever. Over the lake I was not riding hard maybe 50-60 and it could not last more than 25-30 seconds of maybe short quarter throttle pulls and letting off before it would start to pop and bog. This never happened in the trails. I tried half choke and I could get by on the straights without it bogging. At one point I couldnít get it started and pulled the plugs and they were definitely wet with fuel. I came back in a bit and installed new plugs and it fired. It does have v force reeds, 600rr pipe, skinz can. Any ideas on where I go from here? How can it be lean too end and rich other times? Iím not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions? Thanks!

A couple of items that may be of importance I found recently...

I do not have that metal snow deflector for the exhaust outlet that kind of baffles it. I heard this maybe an issue?

And also I do not have my carb vents attached to my airbox. Mine are definitely not long enough to reach the airbox and I dont recall there even being a fitting for the tube. I have seen other sleds that have run fine with vents not being hooked up. Not that I am saying that is not the problem as I am no expert.
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