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Default 13 IQR Gas not getting to Carb??

New to me 13 iqr.... Ran great for about 40 minutes.... was riding on normal trail conditions... Then me and my buddy went off trail and hit this big drift and after i landed the sled went to one cylinder and shut off??? ( almost like ran out of gas)...... Checked spark plugs looked great.. then put thumb over spark hole to check compression ( seemed fine)...... sat for a bit started back up ( assuming gas from floats gave it enoguh gas to start back up... ran it down trail then it shut off...

Seems im not getting fuel to carbs.. one time i started only left cylinder would fire and then vice versa...

Is this bad fuel pump? Something caught in fuel filter?? just curious to what happend as the sled was running great and then hit the drift and shes a no go.. was it a coincedence that i happend to hit jump and it shut off at same time or was it bad fuel pump and when i was ripping on it it failed??? any help is apreeciated this is new to me IQR..
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